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Power Transformers

T&D Products Ltd. started in 1993 as a manufacturer's rep in the transformer business representing Ferranti-Packard Transformers Ltd. Canadian plant in St.Catherines Ontario which has since closed. Since then, we have expanded our offering with a complete range of both Oil Filled, Dry Type and Cast Coil transformers to meet the needs of both the Utility and Industrial markets. Below is a summary of what we can provide.

Large & Medium Power Transformers - SHIHLIN ElectricMedicine Hat 69-13.8 kV - 25/33/42MVA

The Course of Change and Development - In 1955, Shihlin Electric Joint Stock Company in Taiwan made its first step to manufacture heavy-dutyelectrical equipment in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and subsequently developed 69kV, 115-161kV & 230-345kV power transformers. In 2003, Shihlin successfully developed 161kV 60MVA SF6 Gas Insulated transformers for an underground transformer station in the Taipei World Trade Center. The 50-year-long relentless improvement, reliable expertise and superb quality have enabled Shihlin Electric to deliver customized products and services.

Main Power Transformer Products  - available in CAN/CSA C88 M90; ANSI & IEC standards

o 69kV - 345kV oil Immersed Power Transformers up to 750 MVA

downloads - brochure installation manual maintenance manual

o *500kV Power Transformers coming soon

o PadMount Distribution Transformers ... downloads - brochure

o Rectification Transformers & Furnace Transformers

o Shunt Reactors, oil immersed to 100 MVAR


Small & Medium Power up to base rating of 30MVA at 145KV (Alberta Indutrial only) Partner Technologies Inc. (PTI)

For the Industrial/EPC market (in Alberta only), T&D Products represents PTI Transformers. Partner Technologies Incorporated (PTI), is a Canadian company based in Regina, Saskatchewan that manufactures liquid filled distribution pole top and padmount transformers, high voltage padmounts and small / medium size power transformers up to base rating of 30MVA at 145KV.

PTI began operating in early 1989 as a repair and maintenance shop. PTI has grown steadily, and now operates from a 100,000 square feet facility in Regina SK, and employs over 80 people. PTI is registered to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems. PTI has shipped units all over Canada and the US and has delivered several units into the Utility and Industrial markets in Alberta.

Oil filled up to 10MVA base, 46kV max. for Industrial Customers and EPCs

To meet the need for transformers 12 MVA base & below for industrial customers only, T&D Products Ltd. signed with Cooper Power Systems, which manufacture a complete line of single-phase and three-phase overhead transformers; single-phase and three-phase pad-mounted transformers; single-phase and three-phase substation transformers (up to 10MVA base, 46kV; single-phase overhead and pad-mounted step voltage regulators; single-phase auto-boosters; and R-Temp® and Envirotemp® FR3™ fire-resistant transformer fluids.
Dry Substation

Power Dry Type Transformers - MGM Transformer Company

For over two decades, MGM Transformer Company has been a reliable source for quality secondary unit substation dry type transformers. Our standard designs cover the full range of requirements from 5kV to 34.5kV, 500kVA to 10,000kVA. You can chose from
- In Stock 600V General Purpose Dry Type
- Custom 600V Special Purpose Dry Type
- Dry Type Substation
- Dry Type Drives Isolation

Cast Resin Transformers - Jinpan International Limited

JST (Jinpan International Limited) is one of the world's largest and most reputable manufacturers of medium-voltage cast resin transformers from 150 kVA to 20,000 kVA.
- Primary voltages up to 34.5 kV
- UL Class H insulation systems – 185°C
- Temperature rises of 115°C and 80°C
- Basic Impulse Levels (BILs):
> Primary: 60 kV – 200 kV
> Secondary: 10 kV – 95 kV
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